Champs of the Court Crowned! (Wednesday’s)

Bump, Set, Drink vs. Four Play

Four Play had two ghosts against them during the first set but that didn’t stop them from dominating the court. They maintained a steady lead and Bump, Set, Drink just couldn’t seem to catch a break. During the second set, Four Play was only down one ghost this time but Bump. Set, Drink was off to a blazing start regardless. They were up six points in the beginning but Four Play was able to bring it back. Four Play is all about those epic saves, they were even able to play a ball that hit the ceiling and came flying down right at them. It was a fun g, me to say the least, but Bump, Set, Drink wasn’t able to hold their lead in the end. Four Play brought home the win in two sets tonight and guaranteed them a spot in the championship game.




Los Honey Badgers vs. Los Tigres Del Norte

Honey Badgers was not messing around during this game. The ladies on their team were getting some hard spikes across the court and scoring point after point on Los Tigres. Los Tigres were also getting unlucky with the line tonight. It seems like every time the ball looked like it was going out, the ball somehow hit part of the line. Honey Badgers took set one, 25-10. Set two, Los Tigres was finally figuring out Honey Badgers style of play. They were able to keep up for the first part of the second set, but Los Honey Badgers found their groove and the lead again. Los Tigres were just not able to catch up and Los Honey Badgers won set 2, 25 – 15.




Four Play vs. Los Honey Badgers

The final match versus these two teams was INTENSE. Neither team was playing around. This whole match was filled with long rallies and VERY few mistakes. Both teams had great ball control and hard spikes coming back and forth. Four Play had some great off-court saves (that’s their specialty). Unfortunately, Four Play still had a ghost on their side and Los Honey Badgers did not have a hard time finding that hole. Set one was extremely close with Honey Badgers winning at 27 points to Four Plays 25 points. But Los Honey Badgers found the upper hand in the second set and took home the gold tonight and 25-18. Job well done!