Champs of the Court! (Monday’s)

Bud Light Playoffs Ace Mafia vs Sweaty Palms

Sweaty Palms is one of those teams that other Monday¬†teams circle on their calendars. They always look like they’re having fun on the court while crushing the competition. They had a bit of a rough season but won the first round of playoffs to meet Ace Mafia in the championship game. Ace Mafia blew the league away by their athleticism and their ability to recover and keep the ball in play. No one was surprised to see them in the final game.


It was a rocky start for both teams, as Sweaty Palms had a break between games and Ace Mafia came into the game warmed up and ready to play. They managed to shut Sweaty Palms down in the first set and looked to be ready to take the banner in the second, but Sweaty Palms was able to hold on and push for a third set.


It started off easy enough, Ace Mafia was up 7-4 and Sweaty Palms didn’t seem able to return a serve. a string of errors caused the tide to turn and Sweaty Palms made an amazing come back. “Another one!” became their motto as they chipped away at Ace Mafia’s lead and slowly overtook them. They scored 15-11 to take the championship.


Michelob Ultra: Spiked Punch vs Sets on the Beach
Spiked Punch’s games earlier in the season and were always impressive with their ability to convert an error into a point. No matter where the ball is on the court, they somehow get it back over the net. Sets on the Beach is a team that plays with us multiple nights with multiple sports. They’re a solid team that communicates well and never lets a ball drop. They battled their way through two playoff rounds to meet Spiked Punch in the finals.




And what a finals it was! Both teams really left everything on the court. Spiked Punch was warmed up from their previous game and I think Sets on the Beach was exhausted from their full 60 min set vs The Guac in Dead.


These two teams shook it off though and played an amazing match, going point for point for most of the sets. Spiked Punch serve game was a little stronger though and they had less errors as they were able to win the final set and take the championship in two sets!



Congratulations to our champions tonight! It’s been a fantastic season and we want to thank all of our great spectators and players for making an awesome and memorable one. We can’t wait to do it all again soon!