Champs of the Court! (Wednesday’s)

SSC Dream Team


Welcome to the playoffs in our first indoor volleyball season of the year! Tonight we had a number of teams hoping for the opportunity to hoist the coveted championship banner! Let’s see how it all unfolded!



Esquires, a dominate team all season long who boasted a perfect 6-0 record, kept their momentum going in the first match-up against I’d Hit That. Easily, Esquires were able to solidify their spot in the finals.

On the other side, SSC Dream Team and Bump Set Spike were neck-and-neck for a while during the first set but SSC was able to pull out the win in a close one. After the first set, SSC was determined to make their spot in the finals by Bump Set Spike in the second set which ended at 25-3. With the score 2-1 in SSC’s favor, one of the most incredible runs in SASSC history then occurred. SSC’s female would go on to serve 22 straight points! At 24-2, Bump Set Spike was able to finally get one of their namesakes down and take the serve away from SSC. SSC would score the next point and the set would conclude 25-3, and the match, 2-0. SSC Dream Team would meet Esquires in the Championship Match.



Going back to their early season match-up, Esquires handled SSC Dream Team with ease. Though SSC was shorthanded for that regular season match-up, the height of Esquires kept SSC on their heels all game long. That match would end 2-0.  However, this time, it was Esquires that was challenged by playing with a ghost. The first set was extremely close with each team scoring points back and forth, but SSC was able to finish strong. That was the first set that Esquires had lost the ENTIRE SEASON! Perhaps Esquires had vengeance on their mind, but they were not going to concede. Despite SSC’s early lead in the second, it was Esquires who came firing back to take the second set, 25-16. After two tough sets, it seemed that SSC had game planned and figured out how to beat Esquires: blocking! Though the ghost helped, it was the stellar defense at the net that forced Esquires to change up their attack. Shorthanded, this task provided to be too daunting, especially given the fatigue that had begun to set in for Esquires. SSC began the third set on a big run, and with the finish line in their sights, Esquires was forced to take a timeout at 12-4 mark. Esquires would make a brie rally, but it in the end, it was SSC Dream taking this one, 15-8, to bring home the gold!





On our Social Side, Chewblockas would easily take care of How I Set Your Mother to advance, while Kinky Sets would also take care of Beta Blockers!



On the championship we go tonight with two of our top teams! This game from the start couldn’t have been any closer if it had tried! Great offense, great defense, nothing more could have been asked of these two stellar teams. The first set would come down to just two points deciding a winner, and Kinky Sets were able to hold on for this one. Not to be outdone, Chewblockas found a second wave of energy as they came back roaring in the second set, taking it with a bit more breathing room, 25-19. In a nail-biting third set, it was all Chewblockas. Kinky Sets had their chances, but couldn’t capitalize and overcome the fantastic play. By no means did Kinky Sets play poorly, they were fantastic, but the energy and determination of Chewblockas came through in the third. They would take this one, 15-10.



Congratulations to our winners, SSC Dream Team and Chewblockas! As always, we’d like to thank all of our great teams and spectators. Each of you made this a memorable season, and we can’t wait to do it all again soon!