Final Stretch! (Wednesday’s)

Four Play


Welcome to the Week Five of the regular season! We had some great match-ups this week, all leading into next week’s finale. Tonight we saw:



Los Tigres vs. Four Play

Set one was neck and neck with these two teams but Los Tigres took advantage of the ghost on Four Plays side and they were able to win it. Set two, again the game was point for point. Four Play was ahead this time but Los Tigres was not going to give them an easy win. Four Play took set two. 25-20. Set three, Four Play had some great passes and massive spikes but Los Tigres came prepared. Los Tigres was on top of their defensive game but Four Play’s offensive plays pulled them ahead and sealed the deal 15- 9.


Los Honey Badgers vs. Bump, Set, Drink

Bump, Set, Drink had great energy tonight but Los Honey Badgers were on top of their game. There was some great off-court ball plays from both teams but Los Honey Badgers had especially quick feet when it came to last second saves. In the end, there was better passes and spikes coming from Los Honey Badgers and Bump, Set, Drink couldn’t get under some of those balls coming over. Los Honey Badgers brought home wins for both sets and the overall match!