Final Stretch! (Wednesday’s)


Setsy and I Know It


Our Social Team of the Week is Setsy and I Know It! They have always come out with a great attitude and have been the only ones that I have seen to check out Little Woodrows or stay after a game to hit the ball around a bit.



Here for Harambe and The Pancakes was one intense series of sets! Each set was neck and neck with some hard hitting rallies. While Here for Harambe took the first set, during the second set, Here for Harambe was down 11-22 and it seemed like The Pancakes were going to take the win easily. But after some great serves, Here for Harambe was able to make a MAJOR comeback ending the second set at 22 points. The third set again, was neck and neck but Here for Harambe was able to keep just slightly better control of the ball and bring home the win.