Final Week! (Monday’s)

Butt Sets


As we sail into the last games of the season, we see out Spring I team’s really give it their all to make it into the playoffs.


Our game of the night for me goes to Butt Sets and Set Me Ousside, Howboudah. Butt Sets was able to shut the first set down quickly, as Set Me Ousside just couldn’t quite put the pieces together and made fatal errors. They were able to rebound though and handed a loss back to Butt Sets with a 25-15 win. Errors and a strong front line helped Set Me Ousside push for the third set. The third found both teams incredibly strong and looking for the win. Great floor coverage and long volleys kept both teams in the game for the duration. It came down to close calls and missed blocks but Butt Sets was able to put another win in the books, 15-13.