Final Week! (Monday’s)

Pop Pop


It was a great final week of our indoor volleyball season! This week, our Social Team of the Week is Pop Pop, an always eccentric team that plays great volleyball. They’re SSC vets, and you can always hear their enthusiasm from anywhere in the gym!


Awkward Sets vs Big Aces
We started the night off with these two very social teams, Both teams came ready to play and didn’t waste any time with their offensive attack on each other. This was a game of defense and communication. Awkward Sets battled very hard and held up some very long rallies, but Big Aces were too much for them and took the victory in two sets.

IBS vs Pop Pop
This was a very exciting game to watch between two very solid teams that are veterans to Monday volleyball. Pop Pop is a very scrappy team who hustles all over the court, while IBS is a very strategic team that communicates very well. Both teams’ serves were on point and both teams’ big hitters really put heat on the ball. Tonight though, IBS was too much for Pop Pop and took them down in two sets.



Good luck to all of our playoff teams!