Midway Point! (Monday’s)

Setting Ducks


Can anyone believe we are already halfway through our first season of 2017!? For our veterans, we thank you for returning and keeping the social atmosphere awesome. Our newcomers and first time SSCer’s have also been fantastic and learning, adapting and adding to what’s already a great Monday night!


Our Social Team of the Week goes to Block and Awe! They made it out to the Hangar tonight and usually arrive early before games to practice and socialize with not only their team, but everyone!


Match of the Night: Setting Ducks vs Spiked Punch

The last game of the night took place on Court 4 and was a nail-biter! Both of these teams are able to provide amazing floor coverage, rarely letting anything hit the floor. Setting Ducks were able to open the first set with a strong lead and dominating front line. Their ability to be in all places at once made the first set an easy win. Moving into the second set, both teams struggled with serves as they couldn’t seem to keep from stepping on the line. This kept the game very close and Spiked Punch capitalized on the weak serves with a very steady bump, set, spike routine. While Setting Ducks were able to return most spikes, a few errors kept Spiked Punch in striking distance. The second set came down to a Setting Ducks trying to keep alive but Spiked Punch was able to close it out, taking the game to a third set. The third opened with more serve errors, but amazing close saves from both teams. As the teams battled it out, Setting Ducks was able to make the most of Spiked Punch’s errors and pull ahead to win the match, 2-1.


If you missed us this week, make sure to join us next week at the Hangar following each game all season long!