Midway Point! (Wednesday’s)

Bump Set Spike


Hit Faced was up during the first set at 18-6. Bump Set Spike had one epic comeback and was able to win by three points. During the second set, Hit Faced was taking the initial lead again. The last five points for each team was a back and forth battle between the two teams but Hit Faced brought home to the win! B.S.S. had some pretty hilarious returns with some hard chest and head bumps. B.S.S. took set three, but they made sure that they had a blast while doing so!


Block and Awe and Dream Team was an awesome game to watch. The first two sets were neck and neck. Dream Team has a hitter that literally jumps and almost freezes in the air (imagine this in slow motion) and right as the ball hits its peak, he spikes the ball with the force of a thousand suns!!!  Block and Awe took set one and Dream Team took set two. The third set is when Block and Awe truly shined. They were finally able to get a strong lead over Dream Team and win the whole match.


Hit Faced and Spiked Punch was a game that was a fight to the finish. Only two sets, Hit-Faced had Spiked Punch hustling. In the end, Hit-faced was able to get some sneaky plays in that brought them their first win of the season!