Net Raiders (Wednesday’s)

SSC Dream Team


SSC Dream Team versus Notorious D.I.G. was a great game, again, the only one of the night to take it to three sets. Each team seemed to be getting their points in streaks. First it would be SSC with six consecutive points, and then Notorious would come back with their own long streak; the trend would continue all game long! SSC has proved this season to be more of a second set team, as they have struggled with early momentum. After a big defeat in the first, they were able to find their rhythm and take the second set with ease. The match-up definitely kept the teams on their toes fighting till the end as this one would go to three. Ultimately, SSC would pull out daggers in the third set with a 15-4 margin and match victory.

Chewblocka versus Beta Blockers was a fun game with lots of high energy. Chewblocka was on point with some hard hitting spikes that kept Beta Blockers on their heels in the first set. Come the second set, Beta Blockers were able to find their grove resulting in some lengthy rallies. Though they couldn’t quite get a lead, though they did pull off a close set ending in 25-21. Chewblockas in two.

Spiked Punch came out to win tonight after a 2-0 loss last first week. The first set was pretty close in points, but the second set was were things got interesting. One player from Spiked Punch was on an insane serving streak that would bring their score up almost 10-15 points alone. Her fast serves proved to be a little more than Bump n’ Grind could handle. They too would take the 2-0 victory.


If you missed us last week, make sure to join us at Little Woodrow’s following each of the games all season long!