New Season! (Monday’s)

The Green Gang


Social Team of the Week goes to The Green Gang. A returning team to Monday night IVB, The Green Gang, can usually be found socializing after their games at the sponsor bar, the Hangar!



Welcome to the start of another great season at Factory of Champions! It’s Week One, but our teams took tonight in stride as many picked up right where they left off last season. To our new faces to SASSC, welcome and best of luck this season! Don’t forget to join us at the Hangar after each game all season long!




Game of the night goes to Serves You Right and The Guac in Dead. Excellent teams, both with amazing frontlines, Serves You Right and The Guac in Dead are evenly matched and it showed as the first set kicked off. While the teams kept pace with one another the set came down to errors and Guac in Dead was able to close out the set, 25-10. Guac carried that momentum into the second set and won the first game of the season, closing the set out 25-17.



If this is the kind of atmosphere we can expect this season, we can’t wait for next week! Teams were awesome tonight and we look forward to another great season!