Playoffs Right Around The Corner! (Monday’s)

Big Ace Texans

Week 5 started off with No Dig’Gity against Bump Set What in a very fun game to watch. Both teams had plenty of time to warm up and were ready to go. Bump Set What is a team that has improved so much this season and started to set up Bump Set and Spike and had some very good serves. No Dig’Gity has been a solid team all season and used there defensive and offense attack to take the victory in 2 sets.

The Second game was a game that everybody has been wanting to see all season between these undefeated teams Serves You Right and Spike it Like its Hot too powerhouse teams with big hitters on both sides. Spike it Like its Hot came out blazing and jump into a early lead but the veterans Serves You Right keep calm and begin to play there game and came back an won the first game. Game two started and Spike it Like its Hot changed there lineup around and Serves You Right took advantage with there Big Hitters and defensive stops and cruised to victory.


Last game of the Night was also a game that everyone wanted to see as well with Tyrannosaurus Sets another undefeated team and All About That Ace who is very skilled team. Both teams are pretty evenly matched up with there hitters and defensive stops and it showed in the first 2 games in which each team split. Game 3 started and it was a battle, some very great rallies and some amazing defensive stops, neither team wanted to give up and played all the way to the end in which Tyrannosaurus Sets took the victory 15 to 10.

Playoffs are next week and Good Luck to everyone and lets end this season with a Bang!!!!!!