Road to the Playoffs! (Wednesday’s)

SSC Dream Team


Notorious DIG came up a little short tonight not just in points, but literally in height. Esquires come prepared each week with an especially tall player that has Notorious DIG and all the other super social teams trying extremely hard to work around. Along with some major spikes and epic serves, Esquires was trying to make sure that they maintained that #1 ranking going into the playoffs.
Bump Set Spike and SSC Dream team had two really close sets. When one team gained a few point lead, the other made sure to come back and even out the playing field. SSC Dream Team was able to hold their own playing with a five-person team against the fully prepared Bump Set Spike. SSC was able to bring home the win in the third set making SSC and Bump Set Spike tied in the rankings going into playoffs. We will see this match-up again next wek!