Serving Aces! (Monday’s)

Hitting Misfits


Social Team of the Week goes to Hitting Misfits! They always bring a great attitude out to Factory of Champions and showed up last night to hang out at the Hangar!


Game of the Night: Block and Awe vs Awkward Sets
This amazing game took place on Court 2 last night and it was a nail-biter! Block and Awe opened the game up with a 6 point run and soon Awkward Sets found themselves down 10-03. A few errors on Block and Awe’s side began to turn the tide slowly in Awkward Sets favor, though. Awkward Sets began fighting for each point they earned as long rally’s and punishing spikes became their go-to strategy. A great run on serves kept Awkward Sets in the game but Block and Awe’s early lead was a little too great to overcome and they took the first set, 26-24.


The closeness of the first set carried Awkward Sets into the second as they looked to push the game to a 3rd set. Errors continued to plague Block and Awe, as dropped balls and close calls put Awkward Sets in an early lead. Awkward Sets pushed the game to a 12-5 lead and held on until they closed out, 25-13.


More than a little shaken by the quick close out of the second set, Block and Awe did not want to give up so easily at the start of the third set. They took an early lead and looked to close the game out. Awkward Sets has come back from worse though and chipped away at that early lead until the game was all tied up 12-12. It became a game of errors, as Block and Awe kept pushing their way to the finish line. A close side out brought the game tied up again, 14-14, but Block and Awe’s quick thinking helped them hang out and take the “W” this wk, closing out the match 16-14.