Unforgettable Sets! (Monday’s)

Sets on the Beach


Welcome back to another great night out at Factory of Champions. As we work towards playoffs, the importance of each game increases nightly. Teams, with this in the back of their mind, played phenomenal ball tonight, but had great social attitudes while doing it. We can’t ask for better competition, sportsmanship of fun out here on Monday nights!




Our featured game of the night went to three sets as Safe Sets battled it out with Set on the Beach! From the beginning, everyone knew that this one couldn’t be decided in two, and as it worked out, close sets forced a tiebreaker. Both teams have strong front lines and excellent setters. While they were both able to set up their spikers, amazing coverage by the other teams kept the sets close. In our tiebreaker, though close initially, Sets on the Beach finally found the weakness in Safe Sets and they closed out the game quickly, 15-7.