Volley Masters! (Monday’s)


Volley Llamas


We’ve now been through two weeks of our final season of the calendar year, and as the temperatures cool, the fun heats up at Factory of Champions!


Volley Llamas vs Sun Catchers
This was a great game to watch between two teams that are very evenly matched. Both teams communicate very well with each other, on and off the court, as they’re both also super social. Though Sun Catchers don’t always wow you, they are a very scrappy team that go for every ball and don’t quit at all, and it showed in the game. Volley Llamas is a laid back team that keeps their focus, but has a ton of fun at the same time. It showed in this game when they went a run and never looked back and took the match in two sets.

Awkward Sets vs Serve You Right
Last game of the night and it was a good one to watch as well. Both teams came out very strong and kept the game very interesting. Both teams bump, set and spike very well, and compliment those skills with some great serves. Serve You Right, a veteran team, came out swinging and never let up and took the victory in two sets.



Good luck to everyone and lets have a great season