Week 1! (Monday’s)


Our Social Team of the Week was the Itsy Bitsy Spikers, our reigning champs. They came in tonight with a glow and had a lot of fun playing. The captain of their team had some jokes for everyone in the pregame meeting and kept the game very social.


Serving Cerveza vs Sun Catchers
Started the night off with two evenly matched teams who were ready to have some fun. Both teams were newer teams and took some time to get all the rules down, but had a lot of fun and laughs in the process. The first set was very close with Sun Catchers pulling out the first set victory. The second set started and Sun Catchers went on a run and never looked back and took the victory in two sets.
No Dig’gity vs Now u Seum
Second match of the night was another good game to watch as both teams came in very confident. Both teams had some great serves and a couple of great rallies to keep the game close. No Dig’gity struggled early but bounced back in the game, but Now U Seum was a little too strong and held off their run and took the victory in two sets.
Loofahs and Ruffles vs Itsy Bitsy Spikers
Our last match of the night and it was a very exciting game to watch. Our Social team of the week and reigning champs came in looking real good and ready to defend their crown. Both teams had some big hitters and some great defense and it was a battle from the start with neither team backing down or giving up on any balls. We had some very good and long rallies, but our defending champs showed why they are the champions and took the victory in two sets.
Good Luck to everyone and lets have a great season.