Week 1! (Wednesday’s)

Our Social Team of the week is Good Sets? has played with SSC before on different nights and always has a great attitude. They stayed after their game to catch the last game of the night. They cheered on both teams and are always in good spirits.



After shirt pick up, waiver checks and introductions Week One at St George got off to an awesome start. Every game this week was intense, but the game of the night was Good Sets? vs Volley Llamas. The first set was kept close as both teams did not want to give up any points. Good Sets? had a rocky start with spikes but managed to find their footing in the second half. Volley Llamas managed to hold their own with strong serves. Both teams had amazing saves, crazy digs and crushing spikes in the first set. Good Sets? was able to keep the lead though and close out the first set, 25-21. The second set started off equally good, but Good Sets? was ready to head home and went on an impressive six point serving streak to close out the set and match, 25-13.