Kickin’ and Screamin’! (Thursday’s)

What an awesome night of kickball! Teams were having a great time even though it was the beginning of Fiesta, and that’s because we had our own fiesta out at Olmos Park! We have now completed five weeks and the competition continues to increase and teams are pushing for that playoff spot!



The game between Ball Is Life and Straight Kickin It was the highlight of the night. These are both teams from Accenture and they have been talking trash to each other for weeks now, well the time came to battle it out on the diamond. They also planned to party the night away, there were at least 50 people in their entire crew, bbqing, drinking and dancing. During the game there was a lot of trash talking, the end of the game was a highlight because the loser captain had to take a pie to the face. They also had a silly string battle, it was an all out party.




After five weeks, we have Insert Team Name Here in the #1 spot in the Bud Light Division, as they have set the tone for their playoff series. But It’s Not All Wrapped Up, Lick My Bunt, NKOTB, Alt Left Field are all 4-1 and have the ability to give them the challenge they aren’t expecting.

In the Budweiser Division we have a change of guard, Ball Is Life stepped up and gave Straight Kickin It their first loss of the season, this really changed the order of things jumping Ball Is Life to the #1 spot and Straight Kickin It to the #2 spot. Pinnacle Powerhouse owns the #3 spot and Kekamba jumped up to #4. This is going to be a fun playoff series to watch!

Good luck to all the teams in the last week of the season and good luck to those who make the playoffs!