A Fresh Start (Thursday’s)

A great week 1 kicked off at Olmos Park last night as we head into the hottest part of summer!

Game of the night goes to an early game: We Got the Runs vs at john jacob jingleheimer Kickthat$hit.

Off to a great start JJK scored a run right off the bat and put themselves up for the early lead, WGR wasn’t able to tie it up until the 2nd inning when they were able to score the only run that time around.

WGR hit their stride in the 3rd, scoring 3 runs, then 2 and another 1 in the 5th. JJK was only able to answer that 6 point run with 1 score of their own.

A baseline collision didn’t keep JJK from giving it their all but it just wasn’t their week. WGR was able to close out the game 10 runs to 2.