All About That Base! (Tuesday’s)


Hotline Bling


We’ve reached the final stretch in our season!


Our first game of the night featured New Kicks On The Block taking on One Kick Wonders. New Kicks was able to start the game impressively by scoring a few runs in the early innings while shutting out the Wonders, a task made even more difficult as they started the game with only eight players. However, as the game wore on the Wonders were able to find the holes in the defense and were aided by a few untimely drops. After seizing the lead, they were able to play well enough defensively to emerge 5-2 winners.

As close as the first game was, the second was the complete opposite. Hotline Bling jumped up on TQL early and never let up on them. Hotline Bling used the big kick to rack up the runs as base runners trotted around the field. TQL looked briefly to mount a comeback attempt, but that was thwarted after they had scored two runs.

The final game of the night was a forfeit but that didn’t prevent the teams, and the refs, from jumping on and playing anyway. A good time was had and every team still had something left to play for heading into the final week of the season. Best of luck to our teams!