Back on the Fields! (Thursday’s)

Crazy pitches

Crazy Pitches



Thursday Night Kickball is off to a great start, we have 35 teams total, 10 Just For Kicks teams, 6 Social Teams and 19 Super Social teams.  So far so good and everyone is having a great time.  It’s gonna be a great Spring II Season!!!!


Social Division:  We had Mastur Batters start off with their usual winning ways defeating Classy 8-1, it was a fun game but we still have yet to see a team that can hang with Mastur Batters.  Dennis & the Menaces have moved up to Social and they smelled victory 14-5 vs the Kick Aholics, it’s their first season and they will get better week after week.  Fitness Drumpf came out scoring and also won 12-2 handing Alcoballics their season opening loss.

In the Super Social Division we had a number of good games but the game that stands out was between Our Kicks Don’t Lie vs Where My Pitches At, this was a close game throughout and only 1 run determined the winner and that was Our Kicks Don’t Lie.  We also had a tight matchup between Kickaholics Anonymous vs Dollz & Ballz, this was a close one all the way and actually ended in a 3-3 tie, both teams look forward to next week to get their first win.

In the Super Social Division we have 19 teams playing for the championship, many experienced teams and many new teams, but all the same fun. I’m Kick James, Pitch started us off against Remember the Foulamo who won 6-2.  In a late blowout game we had Crazy Pitches unleash their offense against I’d Kick That and they won 13-1.  It clearly is going to be a lot of fun this season watching all these teams battle it out.