Back to Base-ics! (Thursday’s)

The stinky cheese

The Stinky Cheese



Highlights of the night had to be the food and the slip and slide happening over on field 6-1.  Teams from the Social Division provided food, beer and a slip and slide for everyone to enjoy.  It was the place to be and fun was had by all.

Thursday Night Kickball is now half way through the season, although it feels like we have been playing for a while, due to the weather we have only completed three weeks.

In the Just for Kicks Division we have the team of Sacks & Racks at 3-0 and having a great time, these guys and gals come out with their grill every week and drinks are flowing the entire time.  Kickin It & Balls R US/Slickbottoms are both right up there with Sacks & Racks, Just for Kicks is a fun league and there are no playoff implications so these teams are really living it up on the fields!

In the Social Division we have Mastur Batters at 3-0 doing what they do best, dominating the kickball competition.  No other team has more than one win and right now looks like everyone else is playing for second place. Dennis & the Menaces along with Classy are both making the most of it and partying it up every Thursday night.

In the Super Social Division we have a very nice stable of teams. The Ballbarians, The Stinky Cheese, BBS, All My Pitches Love Me & Pitches Love When I Go Balls Deep are all 3-0. With five teams undefeated, it’s hard to make any kind of prediction about what the standings might look like in week six! We have a whole group of teams at this point that could walk away champions.  Super Social is where the best competition can be found right now, these teams are having a great time and also working towards holding that championship banner at the end of the season.