Blaster Balls (Wednesday’s)


Game of the Night goes to Ballzinga vs One Kick Wonders.

What was enjoyable to watch about this early game is both teams were having a great time while hanging out at the fields last night. These teams are friendly and joked around with each other, even when one team was falling behind.

Ballzinga came out kicking last night and put a few home runs on the board early in the innings. One Kick Wonders tried their best to keep up and were able to keep runs to a zero for a few innings.

A grand slam midway through the game though put the win just out of reach for One Kick Wonders, as Ballzinga was able to go up 7 runs to 2.

Ballzinga kept the momentum going and racked up another 3 runs in the late innings. They closed out the game 10-3 for a win in week 2.