Catch That Flying Red Ball! (Wednesday’s)


Chorizo Funk


Week Four is now in the books for Wednesday kickball, and as always, we had a great time. Over on the Just For Kicks field, we had Bunt Cakes vs Something Corny and they were having fun, Bunt Cakes won the game 5-1. Balls Deep was able to score just enough runs to defeat Not In The Face 3-2. Rochambeaux vs Dollz and Ballz turned out to be an exciting game with Dollz & Ballz walking away with a 6-4 victory.

In the game of the night, we had Summertime and the Kickin’s Easy vs Chorizo Funk. This was a great game, both teams were very evenly matched and it would become a game of simple mistakes. Chorizo Funk stayed strong the whole game, while Summertime gave up some very early runs and made some routine mistakes that put them in a hole. Summertime did make a great come back and with the score 8-7, they gave themselves one last chance to score runs and get the upset. But Chorizo Funk was too good for that, their defense defined the game at the end and they win 8-7.

It is now Week Five and the playoffs are getting close, everyone enjoy the games and let’s keep it social!