Champions Crowned! (Thursday’s)

Super Social Playoffs

Remember the Foulamo!

Remember the Foulamo!


What a playoff series! Games were determined by close amounts of runs and teams were out there really having a great time. We had 12 teams make the playoffs, but only one could be Champion. So many teams started off great, like Remember The Foulamo! who won 10-6 in their opening match. Bootleggers found the second round by beating Saved By The Ball 3-2. Pitches Love When I Go Balls Deep won 10-9 in a close one against Aim For The Balls. New Kicks On The Block won easily against The Stinky Cheese 7-1.


In the second round things got tough, New Kicks On The Block found themselves challenged by Crazy Pitches who went on to win 4-3. B.B.S. who was the #1 seed knocked off Pitches Love When I Go Balls Deep 6-5. All My Pitches Love Me knocked off Bootleggers 4-1 and Remember The Foulamo! was able to win again 4-3 upsetting The Ballbarians.


In the Semi-Finals we had Remember The Foulamo! yet again step up and knock off a higher see by beating Crazy Pitches 2-0 in a great game. All My Pitches Love Me also knocked off a higher seed by beating B.B.S. 4-3. Brings us to the Championship Game between All My Pitches Love Me vs Remember The Foulamo!. This was a great game, both teams played tremendous defense and they both struggled to manufacture runs. Finally Remember The Foulamo! was able to make the most of their offense and score one run. Later in the game, All My Pitches Love Me had the opportunity to tie the game but sliding head first into home play cost them an out that would have been a run. That was the story of the game, Remember The Foulamo! held on to win the Super Social Championship.


Social Playoffs

Master Batters

Only four teams were granted the opportunity to lift the Social Division championship banner tonight. Any spectators that have watched this season likely knew who the favorite was going to be: Master Batters. Mastur Batters beat Dennis & The Menaces in the first game 16-5 and awaited the winner of Classy vs Fitness Drumpf for the Championship. Classy and Fitness Drumpf made this one last as long as possible going into five extra innings to determine a winner. In the end, it was the experienced Classy team that finished it off winning 6-5. In the championship game it was a quick one, Mastur Batters did what they do best, score runs and play defense and had fun. Mastur Batters won yet another Social Championship 7-0 and now we look to see what next season will bring us.


Thank you to all of our teams who made this season an awesome and memorable one! We look forward to seeing everyone again next season!