Champions of the Diamond Crowned! (Wednesday’s)

Playoffs is here and we have found a champion for both Social and Super Social Division!



We’re Taking Your Grandma to Applebee’s


In the Social Division, the competition was great and we had tremendous games the entire night. We started off with We Got The Runs vs Summertime and The Kickin’s Easy. Both teams did a great job but the kick was not easy for the Summertime; We Got the Runs got the best of them winning 6-4. In the second game we had We Got The Runs take on We’re Taking Your Grandma To Applebee’s. This one was all Grandmas’s game as they advanced by a score of 12-3. In the third game, BIG RED BALLS took on Dollz & Ballz. This was the best game of the night as both teams went back and forth on offense and defense did a great job. So good, that we had to go to extra innings to find a winner. In the end, Dollz & Ballz held on 5-4. The Championship Game was set and it was Dollz & Ballz vs We’re Taking Your Grandma To Applebee’s. This was a great game, another nail biter as the game was a tie after 7 innings at 4-4. We would go into extra innings to find a winner, and Dollz & Ballz scored first to take the edge, 5-4, but the in the last at-bat, we had We’re Taking Your Grandma To Applebee’s score two runs on a walk off bomb to the outfield. We’re Taking Your Grandma To Applebee’s is your Champion.


Over in the Super Social Division, the playoff tournament action was great. Teams like Kicks Are For Kids & Ballzdeep really making it fun to watch. I’m Kick James Pitch really worked their game plan all night to make it to the finals. Kicktease did their best to hang on, but Kicks Are For Kids was just too much for them. In the championship game it was Kicks are For Kids vs I’m Kick James Pitch. This was a great game also as both teams worked hard to manufacture runs. In the end, it was one long bomb of a kick and an error that cost Kicks Are For Kids the game. I’m Kick James Pitch wins the championship 6-5.


Thanks to all of our great teams and spectators this season! We look forward to doing it again soon!


(Please email the league for Super Social photo)