Final Stretch! (Thursday’s)


New Kicks On the Block


After five weeks of action we have some really good teams standing at the top. Oops We Did It Again is now 5-0 and faced a very strong team this week in Sit On My Base. Although they are 2-2-1, they have the ability to hang with any team out there. Scissoring Clintons & The Ballbarians are now 4-1. Both are very good teams, so let’s see who has the ability to knock off the #1 seed.

New Kids On the Block & Epic Foul are both now 5-0, and in very good position to make a run at a championship. Right behind them is I’m Rick James Pitch; don’t count them out because they can catch you. Kickin’ Ain’t Easy is now 3-1-1 and Slim Kickin’s are 3-2. Both teams are having a great time and improving week after week, but in the playoffs we are not sure what they will be able to accomplish if they don’t mesh together.

In the Just For Kicks Division, it’s all about having fun. These teams continue to come out weekly and have a great time. Suck My Kick is 4-1, but Tequila Mockingbird is 1-4 and I can assure you that Tequila Mockingbird can have as much fun as Suck My Kick any Thursday of the month.

Congrats to a fun five weeks, let’s finish it off in the most fun and competitive way possible.