Final Stretch! (Tuesday’s)

Olmos Basin

Week Five is here! As we approach the end of the regular season teams would look to state their claim on one of the four spots available for the playoffs!




Felt like it was Turn Up Tuesday…everyone tonight seemed to have a pretty good buzz on throughout the night. The last two games especially were a good time. Everyone just came out to play and have a great time and there were smiles all around STAR complex tonight!

Our first game put the Guido Hitmen up against Looking to Score. This game was back and forth the entire way! It wasn’t until the last inning where Guido Hitmen were able to find some gaps in the defense and take advantage of some throwing miscues. They would bring in three in their final AB, but Looking to Score had the final say in the matter. Needing three runs before three outs, they came out swinging. The defense of the Hitmen would hold as they were able hold Looking to Score to zero in their final AB. The Hitmen would get the win by a 10-7 score.
Next up we had Kick It and Quit It take on Not Your Average Joes. Kick It and Quit It have been in an impressive form as the season as gone on. They were able to use their skill to take an 8-3 victory in this one.
Our final game of the evening put Los Chupacabras up against Hotline Bling. Hotline Bling has hit a rough patch these past two weeks, but were able to get things back on track tonight. Thanks to a strong fifth inning, they would gain a solid lead that they were able to see through to the end.