Final Week! (Thursday’s)

Now that the regular season is done we have the playoffs ready to go. In the Bud Light Division, we have Insert Team Name Here, they are 6-0 and although they have a new name, this team is very familiar with winning. Alt Left Field is 5-1 and they come in as the #2 team and they will give the #1 team trouble if they come in focused on the task and let go of the past. Lick My Bunt is also 5-1 and they come in with the same stats as Alt Left Field so we shall see who comes out of this one on top.


In the Budweiser Division, we have Ball Is Life who is 5-0-1 in the #1 spot, they come in very confident after two weeks ago knocking off the top team of Straight Kickin It. Pinnacle Powerhouse comes in as the #3 team, but don’t let that fool you, this team comes very prepared and equipped to beat any team they face.


In the Michelob Division, we have Strong Hard D in the #1 spot at 6-0, they have owned this division without any real issues. Lifes A Pitch along with One Kick Wonder both come in with chances to knock off the #1 team, but its gonna take some work as the #1 team has only given up nine runs total all season.


Good luck to everyone in the playoffs! And remember, everyone plays in Week Seven regardless of standings! Make sure to bring the grills!