Final Week! (Thursday’s)


Dennis the Menaces 


The final week of the season gave teams one last chance to achieve kickball glory, at least until the next season starts.

Games on field 6-2 seemed particularly close with two if the games coming down to the final batter before a winner could be decided. To start off the night Dennis and the Menaces took on Kicking It. The Menaces started off their game by sitting a pair of runs each in their first two innings. However, from there, Kicking It ramped up its own offense and began showing off their leg strength. After scoring runs in the consecutive innings, they had made it into a proper game. In their final at bats, the Menaces were able to score another run which would prove invaluable. With nothing left to lose, Kicking It threw caution to the wind and got runners on base and were running aggressively. They would push one across the plate however that is where their comeback would end as they fell 5-4.

The comeback attempt for Balls Deep proved more fortuitous against 3 Piston Rubber Slingers. 3 Pistons started off the game dominating their opponent, not allowing runs or base runners for that matter. However, as the game wore on, Balls Deep found their way back into the game. As the final inning arrived, they found themselves down 4-2. Balls Deep was resilient though, and would begin their push for a comeback. After their lead-off batter got on base, they were able to tie the game when one of their girls was able to duck, dodge and slide her way into a home run. A few batters later they walked away 5-4 winners.

Tune in next week as teams vie for a chance to be crowned champions!