Final Week! (Tuesday’s)


We Got the Runs


The final week of the regular season is here! Teams got one last chance to lock up their spot for playoffs!

In our first game, we had our top team, We Got the Runs, take on Pitches Be Crazy. We Got the Runs started off slow, but thanks to some solid defense they were able to hold on to a 4-0 victory. Next up, we had the free agents of Rikickulous take on Pitches and Throws. Rikickulous were able to take advantage of some throwing miscues from Pitches and Throws and would earn the W by a score of 10 to 5. Our final game of the evening put the up and coming Real T’s against Pitches and Throws. The Real T’s had a hot start and were able to run away with this one easily as they would force the mercy rule by a score of 12 to 0.