Final Week! (Wednesday’s)


I’m Kick James Pitch


The Social Highlight of the night was having a team bring out a giant pit and make tacos for over 25 people. It was awesome and the tacos were delicious, you could literally smell them across the field and it was great. Very friendly and social group and they posted up in the middle of the fields so everyone could join!



Wednesday Kickball regular season is now complete as teams have worked all season to separate themselves from the pack. Many teams tonight secured much needed victories for standings position, and some fell just short tonight. Regardless, everyone had a blast.



In the Bud Light Division, we finish with a 6-0, I’m Kick James Pitch. They beat all challengers and look for a solid showing in the playoffs. Behind them, we have Our Kicks Don’t Lie at 5-1. Don’t take them lightly as they are just one of a number of teams capable of upsetting top contenders. Ballzdeep finished 4-2 and is looking to step it up for the playoffs, while Kick Buntkus & Swift Kick In The Grass both finished 3-3 and will also have their chance at a title.
In the Michelob Ultra Division, no one is undefeated, but Kick Are For Kids leads the way at 5-1, while Pitch Betta Have My Money & Kicktease are right behind them. Drunk and Looking To Score is 3-1-2. The two ties really could have been victories and Double Play Triple Hey is 3-3. This division is loaded with potential and any one of the teams could step up in the playoffs to win it all.


In the Budweiser Division, the competition has been awesome from top to bottom. We’re Taking Your Grandma To Applebee’s is 5-1 and leading the way with their loaded lineup and experience. Dollz & Ballz has really made a statement going 4-1-1 and making a run at the best team in the league. Big Red Balls is now 4-2 and is having one of their better seasons and they bounced back strong after a tough loss to Ballzinga.
Good luck in the playoffs, everyone step it up and make a run for the title! Spectators, families and friends, make sure to join us next week as we crown a champion!