Fly Ball! (Thursday’s)




After a week off from Kickball, we are back! The sun was out and the balls were rolling. Teams came out looking to have a good time and there were smiles all around.

This was a challenging week for some of our new Social teams. Fitness Drumpf got off to a quick start against the Mastur Batters, but you can never quite count out them any time! They were able to get a lead in the 4th inning and were able to hold off Fitness Drumpf, winning by a score of 6 to 4. Classy had a great match against Dennis and the Menaces. This game went back and forth for a couple of innings but no one was able to take advantage. This game would end in a tie at three all. Our two new Social teams took each other on in the final game of the night for Social. Alcoballics were on fire tonight. They were able to get on base and were making all the defense stops. They took this one with a convincing 14-2 win.



Out on our Super Social fields we had a lot of good games. New Kicks on the Block took on Crazy Pitches in a closely contested ball game. New Kids were able to win by a score of 2-1.

Our Just For Kicks league was in full swing today. Everyone showed up early and stayed late. The atmosphere down there was awesome! Everyone’s mission was to go out and have a good time; and there wasn’t a sad face to be found. The Kickballa$$ won by a solid margin. They took on Kicks are for Kids and were able to have a solid game all around. Sacks & Racks played a solid game against the Ball Busters. They took advantage of some holes in the outfield and won this by a landslide. Final score was 15 to 5.

Thanks for everyone who came out! Can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us!