Flying Red Balls! (Thursday’s)

bull dogs



What a great night for kickball, the weather was great and the competition was even better. Let’s start with what was probably the game of the night between Rikickulous vs Dynasty Ruled. This game was close the entire way and these may be the two best teams we have in kickball and its highlighted by a number of very solid players. It makes sense that the game would end in a tie 4-4, but this is going to be very interesting to watch how the playoffs turn out in Social.

With the blowout win of the night, we had Win Or Looze, We Still Booze vs The Reinforcers. This was a fun game but it was totally one sided as Win Or Looze, We Still Booze was able to take advantage of The Reinforcers weak defense and offensive woes. We also had a blowout game between 3 Piston Rubber Slingers and Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard. This game was a scoring frenzy as 3 Piston Rubber Slingers was able to manufacture 14 total runs and only give up two on the night.

Week Five is now complete and one week remains to get that crucial win if you want to make the playoffs. But if that’s not important, then you have one week left to bring your grills and your drinks and keep the party going on Thursday nights! Good luck to everyone in their last week!