Flying Red Balls! (Tuesday’s)


The Real T’s


Re-match week is here! Teams came back for a second chance to change their fortunes from their first matchup. The first game of the day put the Real T’s up against Rikickulous. Their first matchup was a forfeit, but today, the Real T’s brought all of their players. This game was back and forth the entire way. The Real T’s would jump out to an early lead, but Rikickulous was able to tie things up in the final inning to make it a little more interesting. The Real T’s were able to use their kicking skills to exploit the gaps in the defense and were also able to get some insurance runs. They would win this game by a score of 8 to 6.


Next up we had the league leaders We Got the Runs take on Pitches and Throws. We Got the Runs have been on a tear recently and kept things rolling with an impressive 15 to 2 win this evening.