Flying Red Balls! (Wednesday’s)

Week Two is upon us out here at Olmos Basin! This week our double header spotlight focuses on Kickaholics Anonymous and Kicking and Creaming. Kickaholics Anonymous got off to a rough start against Cans Only. They were unable to find their kicks this game as they would fall by a score of 16 to 1. Their second game was against Ballin Under the Influence. Anonymous had a rough game their first go around and were pretty gassed for their second round. They would keep Ballin to zero runs in the first four innings, but would give up 10 in the final two. Final score was 10 to 1.


Kicking and Creaming were here for the double feature as well on field 5-1. Their first game didn’t end their way, as they would fall 6-3 against Kicking Ain’t Easy. Their fortunes would change for the better in the second game, as they were able to defeat HYBIIAKA by a massive score line of 11 to 2.


Another great night in the books! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has for us!