Heading into the Final Week! (Thursday’s)




After five weeks of competition we have really found some great kickball athletes. In the Just For Kicks Division we have 10 teams having a blast every week.  At this point we have Sacks & Racks undefeated at 5-0 and showing that they can hang with Super Social anytime. Kick it, Kicks Are For Kids, Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe and Balls R US/Slickbottoms are all 3-2 or better and everyone seems to be having fun learning the game and enjoying the SSC environment.

In the Social Division we have only six teams and one team is undefeated. As any teams and observers might guess, it is Mastur Batters. These guys and gals have been doing this for a while and making kickball look easy, all while having a great time and contributing to the fun, social atmosphere. This might be their last season to show off this way as the dynasty rule has finally caught up with them. Classy and Fitness Drumpf are in second and third, respectively.

Our Super Social Division is where the action is at this season, as we have Remember The Foulamo at 4-0-1, leading the way in the Bud Light Division. Crazy Pitches and The Ballbarians are 4-1 and share the exact same stats with 34 runs scored and an incredible six runs given up on defense! Over in the Michelob Ultra Division is where you will find our 5-0 team B.B.S., they have really owned their competition and they have a title in their sights. Pitches Love When I Go Balls Deep and All My Pitches Love Me are both 4-1 and with only one week left, the playoff picture is looking very clear.

Good luck to everyone in the final week of the regular season and in the playoffs.