Hitting the Final Stretch! (Thursday’s)




We are now four weeks into the season and we are having a blast! Just For Kicks is doing what they do best, drink, eat and kick away. Sacks & Racks leads the way at 4-0 and it won’t be long before they have to move up to Super Social.

In the Social Division Mastur Batters is 4-0 and continue to show their dominance, scoring 43 runs and only giving up seven all season.  Classy is in 2nd at 2-1-1 and will have a chance to improve on that record with 2 games to go. Fitness Drumpf is 2-2 and with their defense they have a chance to make a run at the title.


In the Super Social Division we have all the competition, Remember The Foulamo is 3-0-1, Crazy Pitches is 3-1 and the Ballbarians are 3-1, all of these teams have a solid shot at winning a championship but the season is still long. B.B.S. & Pitches Love When I Go Balls Deep are both 4-0, combining for 85 runs and only giving up 24 total, it’s going to be fun to watch who can pull away and have the #1 seed alone.


Good luck in Week Six to all the teams and enjoy the rest of the season!