Kick or Strike, We Booze! (Wednesday’s)


Swift Kick in the Grass


Wednesday Kickball was again a success, these teams really know how to come out and have a great time with their drinks, grills and kicking skills.

We had a few upsets to highlight tonight which will certainly shake up the standings. In the game between We Got The Runs and We’re Taking Your Grandma To Applebee’s, we had a real close one. We’re Taking Your Grandma To Applebee’s has been our most consistent team this season and We Got The Runs isn’t far behind skill wise. But this season We Got The Runs has struggled, but not tonight. They came out with a great game plan and executed it to perfection to upset We’re Taking Your Grandma To Applebee’s 4-3. Things just got very interesting in this division.

We also had a close game between Big Red Balls and Ballzinga. Ballzinga has been struggling as of late, but tonight they put it all together and gave Big Red Balls a rude awakening. Big Red Balls made a few mistakes that put them behind and that’s exactly where they stayed, losing 6-5.

Kickball has been an absolute success night after night, keep bringing your grills, drinks and fun attitudes and we will continue to be successful at what we do.  Also invite your friends out or consider starting another team in our next season, the more players the more fun! See everyone next week!