Kickball is Life! (Thursday’s)

In Week Two we had some great games. To lead off the night we had a close match-up with Ball Is Life vs Grip It & Tip It, this game went back and forth and we saw a lot of solid plays. Many of the long kicks to the outfield that looked to be run makers turned out to be outs due to the wind hanging up the ball. But in the end Ball Is Life was able to manufacture one more run than Grip It & Rip it.

Over on Field 6-1, we had One Kick Wonder vs Strong Hard D, this was a close one also as Strong Hard D had trouble getting any offense going with the wind blowing in their face, One Kick Wonder on the other hand had even more trouble as they could only muster up one run and take a loss 3-1 to Strong Hard D.

In an offensive show of the night we had No Toe Poke find that they could do no wrong against Swift Kick In The Grass. This one saw lots of scoring early, but it was pretty one sided. It was a run rule of 12-0.

Great Week Two everyone! We look forward to the rest of the season, be safe and keep having fun!