Kickball Returns! (Tuesday’s)

Looking to Score


Kickball is finally back! After a long hiatus, we kicked things off at Olmos on a windy Tuesday Night down here on Field One!


The first game of the season featured two new teams to the realm of kickball. The Free Agents of Kick It & Quit It would take on Looking To Score in a defensive battle. Both teams are still working on learning the way of SSC kickball, but both teams were drinking and having a great time, so they are on the right track! Quit It would strike first bringing in one run in their first at kick (at bat but you get it…). Looking to Score was able to counter that run by bringing in two of their own. Quit It was able to use their home team advantage and bring in their second run and tie things up in the last inning, but were unable to find that extra run to give them the victory. After a hard fought game, it would end as a 2 – 2 tie.


Next up we had Hotline Bling take on Looking To Score. Hotline Bling is a returning team so they were able to use their experience and strategy to take the lead in the early innings. Looking To Score was looking to do just that, but they were unable to bring in the runs that they desperately needed. With final kicks, they were able to bring in three runs, but it still fell just short to Hotline Bling. The final score was 6 – 4 in favor of Hotline Bling.

Our final game of the evening put the Guido Hitmen up against Las Chupacabras. This game was back and forth the entire way! However, the Hitmen were able to have the last laugh, as they were able to bring in two runs in the fourth inning and keep the Chupacabras off of the scoreboard. Final score of this one was 4 to 2.