Kickin’ It Old School! (Wednesday’s)




An exciting Week Three of kickball has now been completed, and we sure had some fun doing it! Salamanders were on fire tonight, round the bases 20 times to Kick Wonders’ four. Account Ants brought their A game tonight and put up 16 runs against Kicking Grass and Taking Names, 16-1. We had We Got The Runs take advantage of a inexperienced Wittle Dweam Team and beat them convincingly, 10-0.

In the game of the night, we had Kick Out For Harambe vs BIG RED BALLS. This was an exciting game as BIG RED BALLS struggled with some of the calls made by the head umpire. This allowed Kick Out For Harambe to put pressure on BIG RED BALLS while BIG RED BALLS was more worried about the calls by the umpire. Luckily, BIG RED BALLS was able to regroup and stay focused and still walk away with an 8-6 victory.

After three great weeks, we only have six undefeated teams between Social & Super Social. We Got The Runs has really turned it around from last season and has now scored 19 runs and only given up one all season.


That is an impressive stat, good luck to everyone in the 2nd half of the season