Kicking It Old School! (Wednesday’s)


Toe Jammers


After five weeks of action, we now have a nice playoff picture painted! Each team has contributed to the incredible atmosphere we have enjoyed this season, so we truly thank each and every one of you, including our great spectators!



In the Social Division, we have We’re Taking Your Grandma to Applebee’s at 4-1 and they currently call the #1 seed home. We Got The Runs is also 4-1, and holds the only victory over We’re Taking Your Grandma to Applebee’s, so hopefully we will see a great championship game in the making. Chorizo Funk is 2-3 and will try to upset one of the top teams in the playoffs, but it will take a great gameplan and execution.

In the Super Social Division, we have Toe Jammers, Salamanders, Account Ants & Kickin Ain’t Easy sitting at 4-1. Toe Jammers is the favorite to come out of this division as the champ, but the other teams will have their opportunity to knock off this powerhouse. Your Pitch Makes My Kick Hard is 3-2 and giving it their best effort to be that middle seed that can go they whole way. In order for this to happen, they will need more offense for sure and less defensive mishaps to get it done. We also have Goats and Smokes & BIG RED BALLS both at 4-0-1. Either of these teams could make a run for the championship in the Super Social Division, but taking down Toe Jammers in a title game will be no easy feat. Running Thru My Kicks with my Woes is 3-2 and they have had signs of greatness, but the consistency is what is lacking, maybe they can put it together for the final week and playoff push.

Good luck in the last regular season week of the season and we will see you in the playoffs!