Long Ball Bombers! (Wednesday’s)


You’re Killing Me Balls


Two weeks of Wednesday kickball has now passed, and it’s off to a great start! The competition level is great and the socializing and fun is even better.


Chorizo Funk did a great job against Wittle Dweam Team. Both teams were out there having fun and the competition was extreme, but in the end, Chorizo Funk found a way to win 4-1. Ballzinga looks to have found their groove and they are playing some really nice kickball as they won 13-5 against Double Play Triple Hey. ¬†Salamanders have also found a nice groove and they did a number on Kicking Grass and Taking Names beating them 15-3. In the big win of the night, we had You’re Killing Me Balls run ruled Pitch Please. Although this game was a blowout at 12-0, both teams were out their having a great time and enjoying themselves.

Good luck next week to all players and teams!