Midway Point! (Tuesday’s)




Week Three out here at STAR! After some terrible weather, it felt good to get back in to the swing of things out here.

Our first game of the evening put The Real T’s up against Pitches Be Crazy. The Real T’s were able to field an entire team this go-round and absolutely crushed it. They are starting to catch on to things as they were able to run away with this one by a score of 18 to 6.

Next up we had the free agents of Rikickulous take on We Got the Runs. We Got the Runs were warmed up from their first game today and got off to a hot start, scoring nine runs in their first at bat. However, their kicking would slow down as they were held to zero runs for the remainder of the game. Rikickulous wasn’t able to take advantage of the cold streak and were only able to bring in four runs. We Got the Runs was able to hold on to their lead with a final of 9-4.

Our final game of the evening put Rikickulous up against Pitches Be Crazy. Rikickulous was able to bounce back from their first loss of the season and get back to their winning ways. They would win this by a narrow margin of 3-1.