Night of the Underdog (Tuesday’s)


All the teams except one hung out at the fields. In between games, players from 3 teams were on the field kicking and throwing a kickball and football around, having a good time.


It was the night of the underdogs.

The first was Sit on my Base vs Really Dope. Sit on my Base only had 8 players and was taking 2 ghost outs. There defense was amazing. It was 0-0 going in the bottoms of the 7th. With 1 out and a runner on 1st, the kicker kicks the ball to the pitcher, who then throws to 1st to get the runner out, while the runner on 1st gets to 2nd and heads towards 3rd. The defensive relay to 3rd was great so the runner stops to go back to 2nd. The 3rd baseman, trying to take advantage of an out of place runner, runs and try’s to peg the runner and misses! The runner then seizes the opportunity and takes off for home and scores the winning run.

Game 3 featured Kicking Aint Easy vs Too Good to be Legal. Kicking Aint Easy played with only 8 players, 4 guys and 4 girls. After Too Good to be Legal won 4-3 in their first game, they didn’t have the same luck in game 3, losing the final inning 2-1 on a walk sac fly.

Overall all 4 games were close games and fun.