Playoffs (Thursday’s)

Mastur Batters

Master Batters


Social Playoff Summary: In our first round match-up, We had Mastur Batters vs Stantec Strikers in the first game of the night, and Stantec Strikers did not show up, Mastur Batters won by forfeit 7-0.  Classy went on to beat Whiskey Kick 10-5 in what could have been a closer game if not for some simple mistakes in the field.  Brings us to the Classic Matchup between Mastur Batters & Classy.  We have been here many times and this time showed to be no different than the past, Mastur Batters dominated the game offensively and defensively and won easily 14-2.  Congrats to Mastur Batters for winning another Social Kickball Championship.



Don't Be A Bunt

Don’t Be a Bunt

Super Social Playoff Summary:  Amazing Super Social Playoff bracket, We saw so many good teams play well and we saw a few lower seeds player great to move through the playoffs.  We had Kickball & Chill completely blow away Cojones KC 11-0, we also saw The Ballbarians knock off Kickelob Ultra 2-1 in a close battle.  In the second round we had Kickball & Chill continue their winning ways and upset the very good team of Pitches Be Crazy 7-3, but we also had the top 3 seeds hold their own and move on fairly easily.  Don’t Be A Bunt was our #1 seed and its easy to see why, their lineup is stacked top to bottom, they beat Kickball & Chill 8-0 and found themselves in the championship game against Kick It & Quit It.  Kick It & Quit It played 3 games to get to this point as the 7 seed and they were exhausted, not to take anything from Don’t Be A Bunt, this was a fun game, but the outcome was predictable.  Don’t Be A Bunt dominated the game and won 9-1.  Congrats to Don’t Be A Bunt, see you in Social next season.

Thanks to everyone who participated this season and also for being patient through our rainout nights! See you next season!