Playoffs! (Thursday’s)

Another season of kickball has come to and end, but lets not worry cause another will begin shortly. We had a great time out at Olmos Park on Thursday night, we had grilling, drinks and some kickball playoff action. To top it off, the games were very exciting and we were able to crown two champions of summer kickball!


Scissoring Clintons


In the Super Social Division, 3 Piston Rubber defeated Kick Tease 5-0 while Dennis and the Menaces put a whooping on Pitches Be Crazy, 9-3. In second round action, Jalapeno Bunts showed why they are the #1 seed and defeated 3 Piston Rubber 8-0 while the #3 team, Scissoring Clintons, owned The Ballbarians 12-0. Dennis and the Menaces were able to upset Strong Hard D, 4-3, while HPIC was still trying to make a run and beat Balls Deep 4-2. Jalapeno Bunts made easy work of HPIC winning 5-1, and Dennis and the Menaces were not longer a menace for anyone as Scissoring Clintons beat them convincingly, 6-3. Our Championship game was a great game to watch, close the entire way and all it took was one major kick and one mistake to make the difference. Scissoring Clintons wins our Super Social Championship 7-3!




In the Social Division, although we had a small playoff bracket, we had huge kickball thrills. We had an early forfeit by Como La Foul, so Rikickulous advanced. In the second game we had Classy vs Dynasty Ruled, which turned out to be a really close one! Dynasty Ruled realized early that without their star pitcher that things would be a little more difficult. As all great teams do, they overcame this adversity and pulled off the win, 2-0. In the Championship game we had Rikickulous vs Dynasty Ruled. Both teams were pumped up and the game showed it. The emotions were at an all time high and it was a close game, so when it came down to the final run of the game, both teams had their share of opinions. In the end it was Rikickulous who earned the W and the Championship, 5-4.


Congratulations to Rikickulous and Scissoring Clintons and thank you to all of our awesome teams and spectators this season! Kickball has been an absolute success night after night, keep bringing your grills, drinks and fun attitudes and we will continue to be successful at what we do. Also, invite your friends out or consider starting another team in our next season, the more players the more fun. See everyone next season!