Playoffs!? (Wednesdays)

Spicy McNuggets

Spicy Kickin’ McNuggets


On the social side, we started on what looked like a nice field which by the end of the night was pile of mud with a few bases stuck in there.


The night began with Hump Day Heroes exacting some revenge against Kicktease, a team that defeated them in week 1. Hump Day took control of the game from the first pitch and never looked back.


Their reward for that win was a match against the undefeated Spicy Kickin McNuggets. Hump Day once again started out strong however McNuggets was more than up to the challenge.   They clawed back into the game and managed to take the lead. From there it was back and forth but Spicy always managed to keep their nose ahead and would win.


They would meet We Got The Runs in the finals.   Runs was also able to avenge an early season loss, this one to tequila mockingbird by a 13-1 margin. Runs stayed out the finals hot, scoring 3 runs in the first inning. They would maintain that lead for most of the game until the bottom of the 5th. A couple of defensive errors allowed McNuggets to score 3 runs and set the final score to 6-4 in their favor.

Running through the kicks with my woes

Runnin’ Through the Kick With My Woes


Meanwhile the super social division was busy with a playoffs of their own. Their playoff was highlighted by offenses that couldn’t be stopped.


On their way to an exciting finals match up both Running Through The Kicks With My Woes and Rochambeaux piled runs on top of runs on their opponents. Rochambeuax was able to plate 20 runs on their way to the finals.  Woes was even more impressive, managing to score 30 through 3 games.


In the finals Woes picked up right were their previous games ended up, with them scoring runs in bunches.  The game stayed with them scoring 7 runs in the first inning, a great that Rochambeuax couldn’t match.  Rochambeuax started a comeback in the 3rd inning by scoring 4 runs.  But that would be the end of their run scoring ways.  Woes would win the championship 12-5! Thanks for another great season and we look forward to seeing everyone again next season!